TUCA TRAIL - 11 km. x 800 d +

La TUCA TRAIL It is an explosive race through the forest of Tuca, next to Vielha. A race that mixes all kinds of terrains and roads, but mainly wood pullers inside the lush forest of firs of the mountain of Tuca. A route that takes us up to 1.750 meters of altitude, to enjoy magnificent views of the mountains of Sarrahèra. An ideal race to start in the world of trail, or to exploit the speed of each. In a hurry or calmly. A trip to a magical forest that will surprise you. It is allowed to run from the 15 years.

TRACK 2019 WIKILOC EDITION: Wikiloc of the Tuca Trail

TRACK TRACK TRAINING 2019 EDITION: Trace of Trail Tuca Trail

In any of the two links you can download the tracks.


Departure time: to the 9: 30 of the morning of the 13 of July, from the Plaza of the Church of Vielha.

The race will have 1 liquid and semi-solid supplies.

There are no cutting schedules.