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The registration and participation in any of the distances of the Trail Vielha Molières 3010 entails the acceptance without reserve of the present regulation, and at the time of the race, as determined by the safety committee.

The 1 day of July, at the most, will be transmitted by mail a book with the final indications, details of the route, location of the refreshments, instructions for companions, etc ... and the cutting schedules corresponding to the Marathon. Also this will be available on the web from the beginning of July. However, part of this information is available on our website.

Our races are held in high mountain areas and therefore, due to weather conditions may suffer variations in the route or not be held. The runner assumes these possibilities and understands them for his safety.


To participate in the tests, there is a material MINIMUM and mandatory.

It is important to know that it is a vital minimum that each participant must adapt according to their own abilities. Do not choose clothes "lightly" in order to gain some grams, but try to choose clothes that really allow good protection in the mountains against the cold, wind and snow, and therefore greater security and better performance.

All participants, by default, and without exception, must ensure that they have at least the material marked as mandatory in the following table and published on the website, in order to complete the race. On Friday 12 of July, and according to what the Security Committee determines, based on the last meteorological report, it will be communicated if finally any of the items on the list is not mandatory during the entire race, or from the 6 refreshment (can be left in the stock market).