After the visit we have made today to the Tuc de Molières, and according to the weather forecast for the weekend, we update the obligatory material:

MARATHON OF MOLIÈRES; the crampons become recommendable, they are no longer mandatory. It will be Mandatory mandatory waterproof jacket with hood and the thermal blanket. As well as mobile phone, liquid containers (1 lt) and drinking glass or container. There will be no glasses in the refreshments. Recommended waterproof pants cover.

MONTPIUS SKYRACE; will Mandatory mandatory waterproof jacket with hood and the thermal blanket. As well as mobile phone, liquid containers (0,5 lt) and drinking glass or container. There will be no glasses in the refreshments

TUCA TRAIL: Highly recommended waterproof jacket with hood and thermal blanket. Compulsory mobile phone.

Tomorrow we will update the forecast of the method offered by Meteo Aran and the Conselh Generau d'Aran.


To ascend to an 3.000 it is important to feed pre and post race. That's why this year we have the collaboration of Yopro of Danone. It is the range of yogurts designed for athletes. Yopro will be this Saturday providing that extra protein to all the brave people who participate in our careers.


The follow-up of runners in races can be done through the page https://trailmolieres.livetrail.net/, and their respective APP LIVEINFO. There you will have the information of live passage of the runners through the control points. And this year with a livecam in goal to see all the arrivals, linked to the runner's own time.

The numbers of numbers are already loaded in the program, review that everything is in order. For any incident, exclusively by mail to inscripcions@arantrail.com

04 / 07 / 2019; Mandatory material

After an inspection on the ground, we inform that the crampons, to this day, are still mandatory for the descent of the Molières (exclusively participants Marathon Molières, not the rest of the tests). However, they can become "recommendable", but this will not be communicated until the next inspection at the beginning of next week. Here we leave photos of the current state. Do you want to rock?

2019 corridor guide.

Here you have the guide of the runner and companion:



This year, thanks to our friends Noel and Gaes Aran, you can try Kubdu, perfect snacks to accompany you anywhere, with high protein value. We have already tried them, you will love them !. A perfect ally to your mountain adventures.

26 / 04 / 2019: marathon numbers sold out.

Thank you very much everyone, brave 500 you will confront a challenge that you will remember all your life. Open waiting list exclusively in inscripcions@arantrail.com

26 / 03 / 2019: last 90 race numbers for the marathon

Only 90 numbers remain for the Molières 3010 Marathon. I do not know what happens to you.

30 / 01 / 2019: new draw among the registered.

We have here the new raffle among all those registered, at any of the three distances; a windproof and waterproof jacket TRANSALPER LIGHT 3L of the brand DYNAFIT. An ideal garment for rainy days. You must be registered before the next 25 in February. The shoes went to Marató, the jacket?

15 / 01 / 2019: raffle among the registered.

If you have been out of the draw for the UTMB, in the Val d'Aran we have your 2019 challenge. And we also make draws, but among all registered. And we started now; those registered at any of our distances before January's 27 will have the chance to win DYNAFIT FELINE UP PRO shoes. Boots with Vibram sole, and a minimum weight. The shoes of the professional riders of Team Dynafit. A pass of material (unfortunately you have to run likewise).


We present the technical shirt and the cap that we will give this year to runners of all distances. A special edition of the DYNAFIT Traverse 2.0 made especially for this edition. As it is already in the factory, we can only guarantee the size of the first 800 registered in all distances. With the DYNAFIT shoes and equipment we have the best ally for this edition. # EspírituMolières3010


On December 4 Tuesday at 18: 00 we open registrations for all three races.

15 / 06 / 2018: magazine molières 3010. guide of the runner and the companion.

We have just published the magazine MOLIÈRES 3010 that contains the Guide for the runner and the companion. In this link you can access it; Molières 3010

17 / 05 / 2018: opening of new inscriptions montpius skyrace.

The squares of the Montpius Skyrace sold out last 13 in May. And given the interest of all of you for the Montpius Skyrace, foreseeing the casualties and so that we do not resign the comunity manager (that you are bombarding him every day) tomorrow we will open new inscriptions. They will be the last, so do not fall asleep. Last call!

10 / 04 / 2018: New draw.

Garmin joins the list of collaborators of our career. And for that reason all the registered ones until the 27 of April entered in the draw of a sports watch Garmin Fénix 5. In any of our three races.

01 / 04 / 2018: nissan, new collaborator.

Nissan bets on the Vielha-Molières 3010 Trail. The robustness of the Nissan 4 × 4 will provide all the logistical collaboration in these high mountain spaces. The best partner we could find.

02 / 03 / 2018: 550 enrolled!

We have exceeded the 550 entered between all distances; in the Marathon and the Skyrace already exceed 50% of available seats. If you have not signed up yet, do not get lost. The 14 of July we are going to have a party of pure skyrun in Vielha. Three distances that adapt to your level, and adapt to your challenges. Many times they ask us; What's different about your careers? Basically two; the height; the cresteo, the peaks, the views, the alpine pyrenees, and The tours; We have taken care of the tours to the maximum, there are no fillings. Do not hesitate anymore.

New draw.

What do Dynafit Ultra Pro shoes look like? Vibram sole shoes, renewed this year by our sponsor brand. With the collaboration of The Secret Spot we are going to draw a pair of Dynafit Ultra Pro. Between all the registered ones until the 31 of March, at any of our three distances, we will raffle these magnificent sneakers. Those who have registered so far, and new ones.