MONTPIUS SKYRACE - 24 km. x 1.800 d +

La Montpius Skyrace although it takes advantage of much of the journey of his older sister is a complete race of pure skyrun. Corona 4 peaks over 2.000 meters, with impressive cresteos, to then descend to Vielha again. The Montpius peak of 2.270 meters marks the highest point of the race, and from there you can enjoy spectacular and unique views of the Aneto and the Maladeta. A race with 1.700 meters of positive height difference that has nothing to envy to his companion. A race that has everything, a climb of 1.000 in little more than 6 km, a cresteo between the peaks of Moncorbison and the unique Letassi, a descent in the forest of Pumarola to tighten, and a final part of route through the Forest of Tuca to enjoy a quick descent to Vielha.

TRACK 2019 WIKILOC EDITION: Wikiloc Montpius SkyRace

TRACK TRACK TRAINING 2019 EDITION: Trace de Trail Montpius Skyrace

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Departure time: to the 9: 00 of the morning of the 13 of July, from the Plaza of the Church of Vielha.

The race has 4 refreshments (2 liquids and 2 complete).

In the guide of the runner that we will publish before the race we will inform you of the content of the refreshments. If a runner has any food intolerance, he must inform the organization.

CUTTING HOURS: There are no cutting schedules. However, and according to the regulations, the organization can cut runners who consider on the ground that are not in a position to continue.


ITRA points assigned to the races, scoring for the UTMB 2020.

A point for the Montpius Skyrace, with a mountain index of 10.